Weights and exercise

Can women use weights without looking like a man? Can a person in their 70’s use weights? Should my 12 year old start lifting? These questions have been asked thousands of times and they will continue to be asked. The answer to all of them is YES!

Yes, is the answer

Indeed it is. Using weights for exercising has no age limit. Of course if a person is just starting to workout especially if he or she is over 40, they should get the all clear from a doctor, and I definitely would not recommend a child under the age of 10 to be involved in a hard core weight regime. Incorporating weights is a challenging way to get fit. When you go out for a walk, throw on a pair of wrist or ankle weights. I have a weighted hula hoop that I love using. People swear it takes inches off their waist. I love to use it just to burn calories. you can use a weighted jump rope. Talking about burning calories. Jump 50 times with the jump rope then do 10 burpees repeating 3 times, wow, is all I have to say. Of course if you go to a gym they might have the weighted ropes. Love, Love the weighted ropes when I used them. They really increase your arm strength. And of course, there are the conventional barbells and weighted plates. Oh don’t forget, the weighted balls and kettlebells. All offer so many different ways to exercise and different types of health benefits.

Start Lifting

What ever method you choose will be a huge benefit. If you are just walking right now and don’t feel comfortable with the weighted straps then carry a 3 or 5 pound dumbell in each hand. By doing this you are adding resistance. That is really good cause the muscles are working harder and that is why you want to incorporate weights in your fitness routine. When your muscles work harder they ignite your metabolism to become “fat-burning furnaces”! It doesn’t stop when you are done neither. The metabolism will continue to work and burn approximately 12 hours and longer, depending on the activity and weight used, just like a furnace. Remember, a person weighing 200 pounds will burn more calories than a person weighing 150 pounds because their bodies have to work harder.

Incorporating weights into your routine is necessary for many different reasons. Besides jump-starting your metabolism, weights challenge your muscles. They need that challenge if you want results. It’s the only way to get definition, to gain strength and to keep the overall health of the muscles which is a key factor in aging.

As you age, your body slows down, hormones are not as plentiful. The hormones is what keeps many functions in the body going. One reason why bones become more brittle is because of the drop of estrogen which plays a part in producing osteoblasts. (bone cells). If the muscles are healthy and strong, their service of protecting the bones become more important and that is just one reason to keep your muscles toned.

If you do not have dumbbells and want to get started walking with weights now, grab something heavy. An example would be a can of some sort or maybe a book. Sandbags work so would grabbing 2 pails adding weight to the pails and walking with one in each hand.

Getting started is easy. pick up your dumbbells or something heavy and curl it. One arm or both arms. Repeat 10 to 15 repetitions. You will be working your biceps. Afterward, bend forward at the waist, bend your knees slightly, bring your arms straight behind you, bend your arms flexing your triceps, 10-15 reps just like your biceps. It’s going to feel so Great. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. If you are just starting I would recommend only repeating the set 2 times. It’s that easy. I will be incorporating a routine page. It’s still under construction to give you the best and most efficient routines possible.

There are no excuses to get up and move. You just have to do it. As Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying!”. I personally want to stay living right now.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, let me know your progress.

Continue Moving,


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