Let’s Get Moving

Sedentary Life

Everyone knows someone who leads a sedentary life. They may be a loved one, an acquaintance, a close friend. It may even be you. It is probably a struggle just to get out of bed. The joints hurt. The back is stiff, maybe even the moment your feet hit the ground, pain radiates up your legs. As the day goes on, the pain and stiffness grows. Ibuprofen is your best friend. It is evening now, stiffness and pain has overtaken the body. The neck feels like it can break right off. Today might be the day pinch nerves came to a head and shot pain down the arms and down the back. More ibuprofen is taken, or maybe something stronger, before bed. That is a summary of a sedentary lifestyle. Doing the same thing day after day. Never changing no matter how much pain there is.

I totally get it if your job requires the same movement, like working on an assembly line. I know people who are retired and all they do is stare at the computer for 8 to 10 hours a day, never stretching, never going for walks, never doing anything but sitting there. Then when problems start happening, like pinch nerves, they cannot understand why it, “All of a Sudden” is happening.


You need to move. Stretching is the key to staying active. Stretching every day will help conquer muscle stiffness and increase range of motion, that’s a given, but, it also helps reduce the risk of injury. Have you ever seen a ball of yarn so tightly entwined that it actually caused damage to the fibers? That is exactly what your muscles look like when they have not been stretched and taken care of properly. When your muscle fibers are to that extent, injury will happen. Couple other reasons to stretch, improves mental clarity. Just shakes out the cobwebs and allows you to focus better. Helps improve bone and joint health. It does wonders for the spine by releasing negative energies and therefore improving posture. I hope you now understanding why everyone needs to stretch to improve your every day function.


Now that we understand the need and benefits to stretch, moving will be so much easier. The more you move around the more alert you will become. Of course you, must take it slow in the beginning otherwise you will become very frustrated. First thing First is to Always, seek the attention of a medical professional before you start any type of physical work. If your life has been completely sedentary with no type of heartbeat-elevating work to speak of, please get checked out and tell the doctor your intentions.

When you get the all clear, let’s go. Try walking around the block, or jump on that treadmill. No one needs to know how slow you are going. One thing is for sure, your body will LOVE you.

My goal is to motivate you to love life and yourself. One more thing, ask your doctor or health care professional for a guide of stretching moves. That will be a good start. I do plan to review some books on stretching and will pass the information on to you.

Here’s to good health and always, God Bless,


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