Developing Healthy Habits

What is a healthy habit and who determines what is healthy? Some people might say running is a healthy habit while others would dispute it stating running is too hard on a person’s joints. Thing is we are all individuals with our own set of needs. What is good for one person may not be good for another.

I think what we all can agree on is eating a full loaf of bread and topping it with an entire stick of butter every other day is NOT a healthy habit. Eating 20 cookies every day is NOT a healthy habit. But let’s not focus on the negative. I think we all know what is good for us and what is bad when it comes to food. And why is this so important? Why am I starting my blog talking about food, what’s good and what’s bad? Because, this is where it all starts!

Developing healthy habits regarding food after years of the “other ones”. is one of the hardest obstacles for people. It truly is a mindset. Food can be a comfort, especially when things are not going completely as we want in our lives. It is used to help satisfy anxieties and stress. It is our friend when we feel bad about anything especially ourselves, and it is the one thing we truly have control over. Now, remember, I am not a health care provider, I am a real person who have real experiences. If you can get to the root of the habits you would like to change, I truly believe change will then be inevitable.

Couple things to start with.  I will be doing it as well. First, tell yourself you are Beautiful., and say I Love You to yourself. There is only one you, why wouldn’t you Love yourself. If you Love yourself why would you do anything that would hurt “you”? Along with this, one time a day as you reach for something unhealthy, tell yourself “I Love You, I am Beautiful and this egg fried in bacon grease or the butter-saturated popcorn etc. will harm me”. Try this for one week. I would love to know how you did. I am also going to do it. Although, I gave up chocolate and Coke a Cola for Lent.

This is just the beginning of reaching  and developing healthy habits. Of course there is so much more a person can do, but, trust me, you do not want to go all in. That’s just failure waiting to happen. There is one thing you will want to start right away if you don’t do this yet, drink tons of water!!! It helps flush out toxins. It keeps us regular and it helps with feeling full. Lots of times when our mind says we are hungry, we really are just thirsty. Remember that when you want to make a bad eating choice.

As far as getting physical, let’s not rush into that niether.  I have seen it so many times with people I know, they start an exercise program or say they want to start working out and BAM, the thrill, the idea, the so-called motivation is gone.  If you are living a very sedentary life the best advice I can give you is to START WALKING!  If you can’t walk outside because of weather or you just don’t feel ready to take that step, start out in the house as you are watching t.v., during the commercials or every other commercial, get up and walk in place.  If you can, stand up stack your arms on eachother and raise your knees one at a time.   Eventually, you will start walking in place during the show because YOU WANT TO.  We don’t need any fancy equipment.  Just ourselves and the determination to be kind to our bodies and get healthy!

I know you can do this I have Faith in you to JUST GET UP AND DO IT!

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