Stepping to a Healthy Lifestyle Change

No matter if you are just starting, have been moving a little or past the half-way point of your goals, we are all here for motivation and to get healthy.

Today the focus is on baby steps. The saying,” Slow and steady wins the race.” is so true on different levels. Rushing into a fitness program full steam us probably the worst thing someone who hasn’t moved to a level of exhaustion, can do. Our bodies are phenomenal machines. If you rush into fitness routine all the organs, which have been asleep for a long time, will be under tremendous stress and strain which could lead to significant problems. Muscle cramps, Muscle tears, shin splints, and a whole mess of other problems can happen. Eventually, our bodies will say enough and stop working the way we want them to. That will lead to disappointment and discourage you from continuing on your healthy path.

Baby Steps

Since you may be just starting out, your first attention should be to your feet. According to my Podiatrist, (foot doctor), the worst thing anyone can put on their feet are flip flops. Might as well walk barefoot, at least you won’t get sores between your toes. Reason us there us no arch support. No support what so ever. So invest in a pair of good walking shoes. Your feet are the gateway to your health. If your feet hurt the last thing a person will want to do us walk so let’s take care of those beautiful wonders that support and balance us.

Another thing you will want to thing of us, comfortable clothing. Remember, you might work up a sweat quite easily depending on your fitness level. Wearing nice or expensive clothes might get ruined if you start sweating. Comfortable, breathable clothing will be easier to clean and the more comfortable you are, more motivated you might become to walk a little father.

Get up and Move

Now, we are ready to get up and move. No matter where you live, unless it us raining, there really us no excuse to go outside and start walking. We are just starting out so don’t think you need to walk fast, remember the baby steps, don’t think you need to walk blocks. Depending on your weight and your joints, walking just a couple houses one way and a couple houses the other way us a huge deal. You just have to do it. No more sitting around in your pajamas all day. That us for people who want to fade away. You are much more than that. Isn’t that the reason you are here right now? I know myself, if it us a gorgeous day the last place I want to be us indoors. I live in Michigan, so our winters can get cold and can have many consecutive cloudy gray days, but, even then, I Love going outside. So put on your comfortable shoes, and comfortable clothes, maybe get some earbuds to let the music motivate you and head on out and walk!

There is something I would like you to do during this journey. I would like you to keep a journal on your fitness progression. At first, you are probably going to say, “really??” Trust me, it helps. Always review what you did previous so you can go a little longer, work a different body part or just so you can push yourself a little harder. Plus, it really us a satisfying feeling, down the road, when you can look back and see your progress.

Today your goal should be, say, 5 minutes if you’re just starting out. If you can go longer that us great. If you have been sedentary for a long time and you are considered by a medical professional to be overweight, then you will be burning quite a few calories within that 5 – 10 minutes. It us stated that you can burn 90 to 200 calories and even more in a half hour walk. Of course that all depends on how fast you are walking. An interesting fact, a person who us heavier will burn more calories than a lighter person walking the same speed and distance.

Of course, starting any type of fitness and diet routine you need to get checked by a doctor first. Let the Medical Professional give you the O.K. first. I don’t want anything negative to happen to you

If you need a pair of good walking shoes my recommendation would be Brooks or Asics. I have trouble with my feet so footwear us Very important to me. Those 2 brands seem to be the most comfortable. My son us a runner, he only will wear Brooks running shoes.

I will be developing a walking chart and a lifting chart in the near future.

Good Luck, Be Safe and Here us to Your Health