Let’s Get Moving

Sedentary Life

Everyone knows someone who leads a sedentary life. They may be a loved one, an acquaintance, a close friend. It may even be you. It is probably a struggle just to get out of bed. The joints hurt. The back is stiff, maybe even the moment your feet hit the ground, pain radiates up your legs. As the day goes on, the pain and stiffness grows. Ibuprofen is your best friend. It is evening now, stiffness and pain has overtaken the body. The neck feels like it can break right off. Today might be the day pinch nerves came to a head and shot pain down the arms and down the back. More ibuprofen is taken, or maybe something stronger, before bed. That is a summary of a sedentary lifestyle. Doing the same thing day after day. Never changing no matter how much pain there is.

I totally get it if your job requires the same movement, like working on an assembly line. I know people who are retired and all they do is stare at the computer for 8 to 10 hours a day, never stretching, never going for walks, never doing anything but sitting there. Then when problems start happening, like pinch nerves, they cannot understand why it, “All of a Sudden” is happening.


You need to move. Stretching is the key to staying active. Stretching every day will help conquer muscle stiffness and increase range of motion, that’s a given, but, it also helps reduce the risk of injury. Have you ever seen a ball of yarn so tightly entwined that it actually caused damage to the fibers? That is exactly what your muscles look like when they have not been stretched and taken care of properly. When your muscle fibers are to that extent, injury will happen. Couple other reasons to stretch, improves mental clarity. Just shakes out the cobwebs and allows you to focus better. Helps improve bone and joint health. It does wonders for the spine by releasing negative energies and therefore improving posture. I hope you now understanding why everyone needs to stretch to improve your every day function.


Now that we understand the need and benefits to stretch, moving will be so much easier. The more you move around the more alert you will become. Of course you, must take it slow in the beginning otherwise you will become very frustrated. First thing First is to Always, seek the attention of a medical professional before you start any type of physical work. If your life has been completely sedentary with no type of heartbeat-elevating work to speak of, please get checked out and tell the doctor your intentions.

When you get the all clear, let’s go. Try walking around the block, or jump on that treadmill. No one needs to know how slow you are going. One thing is for sure, your body will LOVE you.

My goal is to motivate you to love life and yourself. One more thing, ask your doctor or health care professional for a guide of stretching moves. That will be a good start. I do plan to review some books on stretching and will pass the information on to you.

Here’s to good health and always, God Bless,


Weights and exercise

Can women use weights without looking like a man? Can a person in their 70’s use weights? Should my 12 year old start lifting? These questions have been asked thousands of times and they will continue to be asked. The answer to all of them is YES!

Yes, is the answer

Indeed it is. Using weights for exercising has no age limit. Of course if a person is just starting to workout especially if he or she is over 40, they should get the all clear from a doctor, and I definitely would not recommend a child under the age of 10 to be involved in a hard core weight regime. Incorporating weights is a challenging way to get fit. When you go out for a walk, throw on a pair of wrist or ankle weights. I have a weighted hula hoop that I love using. People swear it takes inches off their waist. I love to use it just to burn calories. you can use a weighted jump rope. Talking about burning calories. Jump 50 times with the jump rope then do 10 burpees repeating 3 times, wow, is all I have to say. Of course if you go to a gym they might have the weighted ropes. Love, Love the weighted ropes when I used them. They really increase your arm strength. And of course, there are the conventional barbells and weighted plates. Oh don’t forget, the weighted balls and kettlebells. All offer so many different ways to exercise and different types of health benefits.

Start Lifting

What ever method you choose will be a huge benefit. If you are just walking right now and don’t feel comfortable with the weighted straps then carry a 3 or 5 pound dumbell in each hand. By doing this you are adding resistance. That is really good cause the muscles are working harder and that is why you want to incorporate weights in your fitness routine. When your muscles work harder they ignite your metabolism to become “fat-burning furnaces”! It doesn’t stop when you are done neither. The metabolism will continue to work and burn approximately 12 hours and longer, depending on the activity and weight used, just like a furnace. Remember, a person weighing 200 pounds will burn more calories than a person weighing 150 pounds because their bodies have to work harder.

Incorporating weights into your routine is necessary for many different reasons. Besides jump-starting your metabolism, weights challenge your muscles. They need that challenge if you want results. It’s the only way to get definition, to gain strength and to keep the overall health of the muscles which is a key factor in aging.

As you age, your body slows down, hormones are not as plentiful. The hormones is what keeps many functions in the body going. One reason why bones become more brittle is because of the drop of estrogen which plays a part in producing osteoblasts. (bone cells). If the muscles are healthy and strong, their service of protecting the bones become more important and that is just one reason to keep your muscles toned.

If you do not have dumbbells and want to get started walking with weights now, grab something heavy. An example would be a can of some sort or maybe a book. Sandbags work so would grabbing 2 pails adding weight to the pails and walking with one in each hand.

Getting started is easy. pick up your dumbbells or something heavy and curl it. One arm or both arms. Repeat 10 to 15 repetitions. You will be working your biceps. Afterward, bend forward at the waist, bend your knees slightly, bring your arms straight behind you, bend your arms flexing your triceps, 10-15 reps just like your biceps. It’s going to feel so Great. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. If you are just starting I would recommend only repeating the set 2 times. It’s that easy. I will be incorporating a routine page. It’s still under construction to give you the best and most efficient routines possible.

There are no excuses to get up and move. You just have to do it. As Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying!”. I personally want to stay living right now.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, let me know your progress.

Continue Moving,


Stepping to a Healthy Lifestyle Change

No matter if you are just starting, have been moving a little or past the half-way point of your goals, we are all here for motivation and to get healthy.

Today the focus is on baby steps. The saying,” Slow and steady wins the race.” is so true on different levels. Rushing into a fitness program full steam us probably the worst thing someone who hasn’t moved to a level of exhaustion, can do. Our bodies are phenomenal machines. If you rush into fitness routine all the organs, which have been asleep for a long time, will be under tremendous stress and strain which could lead to significant problems. Muscle cramps, Muscle tears, shin splints, and a whole mess of other problems can happen. Eventually, our bodies will say enough and stop working the way we want them to. That will lead to disappointment and discourage you from continuing on your healthy path.

Baby Steps

Since you may be just starting out, your first attention should be to your feet. According to my Podiatrist, (foot doctor), the worst thing anyone can put on their feet are flip flops. Might as well walk barefoot, at least you won’t get sores between your toes. Reason us there us no arch support. No support what so ever. So invest in a pair of good walking shoes. Your feet are the gateway to your health. If your feet hurt the last thing a person will want to do us walk so let’s take care of those beautiful wonders that support and balance us.

Another thing you will want to thing of us, comfortable clothing. Remember, you might work up a sweat quite easily depending on your fitness level. Wearing nice or expensive clothes might get ruined if you start sweating. Comfortable, breathable clothing will be easier to clean and the more comfortable you are, more motivated you might become to walk a little father.

Get up and Move

Now, we are ready to get up and move. No matter where you live, unless it us raining, there really us no excuse to go outside and start walking. We are just starting out so don’t think you need to walk fast, remember the baby steps, don’t think you need to walk blocks. Depending on your weight and your joints, walking just a couple houses one way and a couple houses the other way us a huge deal. You just have to do it. No more sitting around in your pajamas all day. That us for people who want to fade away. You are much more than that. Isn’t that the reason you are here right now? I know myself, if it us a gorgeous day the last place I want to be us indoors. I live in Michigan, so our winters can get cold and can have many consecutive cloudy gray days, but, even then, I Love going outside. So put on your comfortable shoes, and comfortable clothes, maybe get some earbuds to let the music motivate you and head on out and walk!

There is something I would like you to do during this journey. I would like you to keep a journal on your fitness progression. At first, you are probably going to say, “really??” Trust me, it helps. Always review what you did previous so you can go a little longer, work a different body part or just so you can push yourself a little harder. Plus, it really us a satisfying feeling, down the road, when you can look back and see your progress.

Today your goal should be, say, 5 minutes if you’re just starting out. If you can go longer that us great. If you have been sedentary for a long time and you are considered by a medical professional to be overweight, then you will be burning quite a few calories within that 5 – 10 minutes. It us stated that you can burn 90 to 200 calories and even more in a half hour walk. Of course that all depends on how fast you are walking. An interesting fact, a person who us heavier will burn more calories than a lighter person walking the same speed and distance.

Of course, starting any type of fitness and diet routine you need to get checked by a doctor first. Let the Medical Professional give you the O.K. first. I don’t want anything negative to happen to you

If you need a pair of good walking shoes my recommendation would be Brooks or Asics. I have trouble with my feet so footwear us Very important to me. Those 2 brands seem to be the most comfortable. My son us a runner, he only will wear Brooks running shoes.

I will be developing a walking chart and a lifting chart in the near future.

Good Luck, Be Safe and Here us to Your Health



Developing Healthy Habits

What is a healthy habit and who determines what is healthy? Some people might say running is a healthy habit while others would dispute it stating running is too hard on a person’s joints. Thing is we are all individuals with our own set of needs. What is good for one person may not be good for another.

I think what we all can agree on is eating a full loaf of bread and topping it with an entire stick of butter every other day is NOT a healthy habit. Eating 20 cookies every day is NOT a healthy habit. But let’s not focus on the negative. I think we all know what is good for us and what is bad when it comes to food. And why is this so important? Why am I starting my blog talking about food, what’s good and what’s bad? Because, this is where it all starts!

Developing healthy habits regarding food after years of the “other ones”. is one of the hardest obstacles for people. It truly is a mindset. Food can be a comfort, especially when things are not going completely as we want in our lives. It is used to help satisfy anxieties and stress. It is our friend when we feel bad about anything especially ourselves, and it is the one thing we truly have control over. Now, remember, I am not a health care provider, I am a real person who have real experiences. If you can get to the root of the habits you would like to change, I truly believe change will then be inevitable.

Couple things to start with.  I will be doing it as well. First, tell yourself you are Beautiful., and say I Love You to yourself. There is only one you, why wouldn’t you Love yourself. If you Love yourself why would you do anything that would hurt “you”? Along with this, one time a day as you reach for something unhealthy, tell yourself “I Love You, I am Beautiful and this egg fried in bacon grease or the butter-saturated popcorn etc. will harm me”. Try this for one week. I would love to know how you did. I am also going to do it. Although, I gave up chocolate and Coke a Cola for Lent.

This is just the beginning of reaching  and developing healthy habits. Of course there is so much more a person can do, but, trust me, you do not want to go all in. That’s just failure waiting to happen. There is one thing you will want to start right away if you don’t do this yet, drink tons of water!!! It helps flush out toxins. It keeps us regular and it helps with feeling full. Lots of times when our mind says we are hungry, we really are just thirsty. Remember that when you want to make a bad eating choice.

As far as getting physical, let’s not rush into that niether.  I have seen it so many times with people I know, they start an exercise program or say they want to start working out and BAM, the thrill, the idea, the so-called motivation is gone.  If you are living a very sedentary life the best advice I can give you is to START WALKING!  If you can’t walk outside because of weather or you just don’t feel ready to take that step, start out in the house as you are watching t.v., during the commercials or every other commercial, get up and walk in place.  If you can, stand up stack your arms on eachother and raise your knees one at a time.   Eventually, you will start walking in place during the show because YOU WANT TO.  We don’t need any fancy equipment.  Just ourselves and the determination to be kind to our bodies and get healthy!

I know you can do this I have Faith in you to JUST GET UP AND DO IT!

About Lisa

Welcome,  If you are ready to get healthy and start moving then you are in the right place.  Together, we will motivate and support each other to pick up a healthy snack and start moving.

I am not a medical doctor or nutritionist, just been working out and physically active all my life. I have worked in the medical field as a cardiology technician and a medical biller. My husband and I have 4 wonderful kids and 2 dashhounds.  I am very passionate about my Faith, my family and our dogs.

All my life I never had to worry about my weight, until now. As we get older it is harder to shed those nasty pounds that creep up on us.   The reason they are creeping up is because our bodies are slowing down internally, not burning the calories fast like when we were kids.  Taking the first step by admitting something has to change is monumental, and that is what you have done by reading my site.

Let’s work together to become the best people we can.  Roadblocks will happen,  that is a fact of life, do not let any discouragement stop you from all your successes.  Believe in yourself that you can do this and you will.

I am looking forward to a healthy journey,

All the Best,